CMT and IMT Roster Availability Survey

The purpose of this survey is to assess our IMT/CMT staff availability for BP Pipeline Gasoline Spill in Mount Vernon.  This will be one of several surveys sent over the course of the emergency phase of the response while we have staff deployed. When considering your availability, consider that your daily work is able to be delayed or put on hold and you are available to be deployed for the incident.

Please use the following form below to indicate your availability.

Staffing Availability for BP Pipeline Gasoline Spill

This is used to assess SPPR staffing availability for incidents.

Please indicate your availability for deployment during the week of Sunday, December 17 through Sunday, December 24, 2023. Select all that apply.(Required)
Will you need lodging if deployed?(Required)
Are you in a lead position(s) on the IMT/CMT roster?(Required)
What CMT/IMT positions do you hold? Check all that apply.(Required)
Are you willing to be in a different position than the one you have on the CMT/IMT roster?(Required)