Liaison Officer and Liaison Unit Resources

Organizing the Liaison Unit: 

Template for Status Board: These documents are used for displaying information in the Liaison Unit. We suggest enlarging into poster size for easy use as a status board. If co-located with the Joint Information Center, we suggest using it as a shared status board.

Template from the Northwest Area Plan Liaison Manual:

PHMSA Training Videos for Elected Officials:

Video One

  • Overview of Oil Spill Exercise and Response – Covers the history, authorities, and complexities of oil spill response and outlines how the oil spill response community works together on planning, and provides an overview of oil spill exercise and response.

Video Two

  • Anatomy of Oil Spill Exercise and Response – Provides examples of roles and responsibilities during oil spill exercises and events and highlights the Unified Command and Incident Command System functions and how the “Planning P” is utilized during an exercise or incident.

The videos are also available for download on PHMSA’s YouTube channel.