***This is a Drill***

Internal Drill to Test Our IMT/CMT Capability

The purpose of this survey is to help test the real-time and drill time assessment of our IMT/CMT staff availability when significant incidents occur. This will be one of several surveys sent throughout the year, as we build on the drill scenario. When considering your availability, consider that your daily work is able to be delayed or put on hold and you are available to be deployed for the incident.

Our goal for the survey is to:

  • Availability November 20-26, 2023 – this is to test IMT/CMT follow on staffing for a major incident in real-time.
  • Readiness for deployment – this is to assess your readiness to be deployed in an incident. Please answer honestly so that it can help us address any gaps in our level of readiness and ensure everyone is set up for success.
  • Identify lodging needs – this is to determine how much lodging will be required for this phase of the response.